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About Our Painting

"EldenStreet" by Dr. Susanne Schuenke, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

A moment frozen in time and a portrait of many of our lives today. A small town embedded in the gentle folds of the Virginia mountains. A cozy spot to live for centuries, with plenty of history in the pocket and the nation’s capital in smoke sign distance. Being close to the seat of power but in distance from the hustle and bustle – that is Herndon, Virginia.

And Main Street America, is also main street Herndon, with the young and the old, the high rollers and small feet, walking with the cane and steering with the smart phone.

The architecture reflects the change of time – once the center of attention for the traveler, now the train depot has become a tourist attraction. The first department store evokes nostalgic sentiments, when the check-out was a busy chatting clerk. The Center for Innovative Technology looks into the 21st century, whereas former St. Timothy’s tells about the founding past and serves the modern Masons.

The downtown café remains a focus in the social life, relaxing with friends, solving family quandary, dating romantically and finishing homework. The street hears many steps, hurrying to the business appointment, tripling behind the kindergarten nanny, strolling along, walking the dog, sharing the selfie and clicking the walking stick. There is the shopping queen and the proud mother, the youngster is with granny in the park, feeding the birds and close by the ice cream delights three generations. Red Skin fans mingle with serving officers, the walking billboard distributes flyers about the internet and a couple in leisure enjoys old fashioned window shopping.

In the center of the rich diversity of activities is 625 Elden Street, home of Val Kaiser and Tony Fulkerson’s Financial Services, overlooking the busy street and the financial successes of their clients. The resources of the land and of its people, the natural treasures and the innovative enterprises, the mountains’ endurance and the people’s work discipline – they all bring together the wellbeing and wealth – as symbolically represented in the ever flowing waters cascading down into the valleys. Through the EldenStreet Financial logo swells the gold from the mountains, the economy’s perpetual cycle of earnings and profits, investments and returns.

This painting honors the daily life and work ethic of the people, the enthusiasm for the future, the richness and beauty of the nature, and all the efforts of a functioning society to protect the secure change of generations. EldenStreet – one spot under the magnifying glass, EldenStreet unique in its individuality.

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